Saturday, September 24, 2011

Class Visitor: Dan Korman!

Great news: Prof. Dan Korman, who is giving our first Philosophical Fridays talk of the year on Friday afternoon, at 2:30 in 395 UC, has agreed to come to our class on Friday and talk about his take on the paradoxes of material objects that we have been discussing! To preview a little bit, Dan is a proponent of the "coincidence picture" we've been talking about. He's planning to say a bit about why he thinks that's the way to go, discuss some further problems for coincidence theorists, and open the floor for questions. It would be best to save any questions about his afternoon talk (draft available by emailing me) until after the afternoon talk. But this is a great opportunity to ask questions about coincidence and matters concerning material objects in general from a world expert! Other issues that would be fair game for class discussion are those that come up in his papers that we plan to read later in the term. So please start thinking of questions for Prof. Korman!

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